Borough Council

Lowca is based in the Copeland Borough Council area and follow this link for their main website: Copeland Borough Council

There you can find out about all their services. Just scroll down the link to discover their various options, but you will discover the bin collection days, all about council tax, etc.

County Council

Lowca is also in the Cumbria County Council authority, so follow this link for all the services that they are responsible for: Cumbria County Council

Again scroll down their homepage to view all their options.

Bus Services

The first link is the main bus timetable for Cumbria, for those wishing to travel county wide: Cumbria Bus Timetable

For Lowca residents who just want to travel to and from Whitehaven, then this is the link: Copeland Bus Timetable

If you scroll down the page slightly you will see the Whitehaven Town Services and the route to Lowca, No 1, is at the top of that section.