Meeting Agenda January


The next meeting of Lowca Parish Council  

was to have been held at 7.30pm Wednesday 19th January 2022,

in Lowca Village Hall.

The above meeting has been cancelled due to the high rate of Covid 19 infection in the Copeland area. This is to safeguard the councillors and members of the public who may attend. There is currently no legislation to allow the meeting to take place as a virtual meeting, so that was not an alternative option.

It is anticipated that the next scheduled Lowca Parish Council meeting will take place on Wednesday 16th February 2022 at 7.30pm in Lowca Village Hall.

Thank you for your understanding and trust this causes no issues for residents. If you have any issues to raise before the February meeting then please contact the undersigned as parish council business is still being undertaken.


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Lowca Parish Council 12th January 2022.