Meeting December Agenda

Lowca Parish Council September parish council meeting

will commence 7.30pm Wednesday 16th December 2020

using Zoom video conferencing.

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Lowca Parish Council, as detailed above.

  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of interest
  3. To approve and accept the minutes of the last Lowca parish council meeting held on Wednesday 18th November 2020, as a true record.
  4. Public participation, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update

5.  Police Matters

6.  Matters concerning District and County Councillors

     7.  Application for Developments.  4/20/2466/PIP Syke Whins, Lowca.

     8.  Village Hall management update on building repair grant applications

     9.  Set Parish precept figure for financial year 2021/22, docs and proposals discussed at November meeting.

     10. Lowca Christmas Tree display and other Christmas festive updates

     11. Current Lowca/Whitehaven bus service, update.

     12. Progress report, clerk.

  1. Lowca parish councillors’ reports.
  2. Correspondence.
  3. Payments for approval.
  4. Date and time of next meeting Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 7.30pm


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Lowca Parish Council 8th December 2020


PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. Current government legislation permits parish council meetings to be held by video conferencing until appropriate public gatherings are once again allowed. If a member of the public wishes to attend and participate at this meeting, then please CONTACT THE CLERK BY EMAIL AT LEAST 4 HOURS PRIOR TO THE MEETING TIME FOR DETAILS OF PROCEDURE AND MEETING LINK AND PASSWORD. Thank you for your understanding under current circumstances.



Minutes of the parish council meeting held on Wednesday 16th Dec’ 2020

Using the Zoom virtual platform

Video link Meeting opened: – The chairman declared the meeting open at 7.31pm

Present: Cllrs Miss M Oliver (chair LPC), Mrs R Barwise, D Wrench


Copeland Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: Cllr Dave Banks (CBC)

Clerk: Mike Milner

Members of the public, none via video link.

1011.00 Apologises for Absence. Miss K Thinnesen (LPC), Cllr Martin Barbour (CCC)     Cllr H Thinnesen (LPC), Cllr L Tumelty-Harris (LPC), Cllr Mrs A Oliver (LPC),                     Cllr J Bowman(CBC)

1012.00 Declaration of interest. None

1013.00 To approve and accept the minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 18th November 2020, as a true record.

1013.01 minutes approved as true record, clerk to sign as virtual meeting.

1014.00 Public Participation.

1014.01 no reports from last meeting and again no members of the public at this virtual meeting.

1015.00 Police Matters.

1015.01 Clerk once again advised that the Cumbria Police website at Area Map option came up with Error 404 code, but he had recently circulated the latest Whitehaven Police e-newsletter. Chair requested that this was circulated to all councillors in future as received.

1016.00 County and District Councillors Reports

1016.01 Cllr D B advised that he had, at other parishes, been involved with obtaining recycling boxes plastic tops to retain contents in windy conditions.

1016.02 Clerk advised that Lowca already had contacted Copeland about the problem and Cllr D W produced one. The Cllr was expecting others to be supplied for distribution. Cllr R B offered the church lobby as a collection point when it was reopened after Covid 19 restrictions.

Chair thanked him for his attendance and invited him to remain, invite accepted.


1017.00 Applications for Development.

1017.01 There was just application, 4/20/2466/PIP Syke Whins and that was an application for a Permission in Principle at the existing property with no specific dwelling details to be considered. After a discussion about increased traffic if a large development as it was accessed by a narrow lane popular with local runners, walkers and cyclists the parish council agreed to agree to the application and be guided by the planning officer’s decision. Clerk to advise Copeland accordingly.


Page 222 (1 of 4) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………20th Jan’ 2021


1018.00 Village Hall Management update on building repair grant applications.

1018.01 With absence of Cllr H T the clerk advised the councillors that the management committee had submitted 2 grant applications and both were to be considered on 18th December, the results on whether successful or not would be known in January.


1019.00 Set parish precept figure for financial year 2021/22 docs and proposals discussed at November meeting.

1019.01 Clerk was able to confirm that he had been advised by Calc that no decision about the transfer of street lighting charges to parishes would be considered before the Local Government Reorganisation issue had been resolved.

1019.02 After a brief discussion, based on last month’s meeting conclusion, councillors resolved that the precept for 2021/22 should remain the same as current year at £7725 and clerk to advise Copeland BC of the decision within the prescribed time limit.


1020.00 Lowca Christmas tree display and other Christmas festive updates.

1020.01 Clerk reported receipt of email thanking the parish council for the tree, Chair reported that the local community group page was full of favourable comments.

1020.02 Chair reported that the tree was kindly donated by Vivian and her team at the Pelican garage, the Spar shop, located on the way into Whitehaven and could the parish council’s thanks be minuted.

1020.03 Cllr H T had made the fencing which is around the tree. The lights are battery operated on a 6-hour timer and it all looks very pretty when lit up at night. There had been other festive activities planned including a visit by Santa and a carol service, but Covid 19 restrictions had stopped them.

1020.04 Cllr R B advised councillors that she had been hoping to organise a Nativity trail around the village for local school children, however due to circumstances beyond her control that had been cancelled. A challenge for next year.


1021.00 Current Lowca/Whitehaven bus service update.

1021.01 Clerk was able to report that he had learnt that afternoon that Highways department were in discussions with Home Group about providing dropped kerbs in Criffel Road, Parton to help alleviate the parking problems, consider installing double yellow lines at Foundry Rd by the village hall in Parton and hopefully Stagecoach, when such works were undertaken, would reconsider their current decision to reroute the No 1 bus service.

1021.02 Clerk said he wished to thank Parton’s clerk who had taken up the challenge which he had started and between them they had made very positive progress towards the aim of providing Criffel Road with a bus service again.


1022.00 Progress reports, clerk

1022.01 as per minute 999.01 from November and 1016.02 of these minutes the recycling box caps were all in hand.

1022.02 Clerk advised the Christmas Lowca Lowdown had taken 8 hours of clerk’s time to compile, it was printed and had been delivered to Cllr R B and clerk assumed all distributed by now.

1022.03 all other reports covered by agenda items.


Page 223 (2 of 4) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………20th Jan’ 2021


1023.00 Lowca parish Councillors reports.

1023.01 Cllr R B advised that St Bridget’s had that day started Wednesday morning service, however on his return home vicar discovered he had been in contact with a Covid 19 sufferer, so back into self-isolation. Services, back online.

1023.02 Cllr R B also advised that she had taken pictures of the pavement problems and forwarded them to the clerk, who confirmed having forwarded to Open Spaces team at Copeland.

1023.03 Cllr D W advised there were 2 street name plates that need replacing. Clerk requested Cllr D W sent photos and locations and he would contact Copeland about the problems.

1023.04 Clerk requested to chase Highways about the Welcome to Lowca sign for the entrance from A595/Parton, clerk to email Cllr Martin Barbour (CCC).

1023.05 Chair mentioned a lady organising toys for families at Christmas and could she be mentioned in next Lowdown. Clerk advised that he had already had contact from Cllr K T on that topic and he had asked for an article to be written on the topic, as Cllrs obviously knew the full details and clerk didn’t.

1023.06 Chair reported that there had been a substantial deposit of fly tipped builders rubbish on Lowca beach, but she had contacted the relevant Copeland employee and they had responded in their usual efficient and speedy manner.

1023.07 Chair had advised both clerk and Copeland about the state of a dry-stone wall by the St Bridget’s, concerns about it collapsing. Copeland had replied and chair to forward details to clerk.


1024.00 Correspondence.

1024.01 Clerk reported receipt of invoice from Printpoint for Christmas Lowdown, £128.00

1024.02 Clerk had received an email from a Low Moresby resident about the BMX track at Lowca and could it be reinstated? After a discussion about lack of funding at parish level and probably similar at Borough Council level, clerk advised to respond and invite the individual to contact the chair, who would establish what was being requested. Then if it was for a community group to look for funding, she would contact Cllr D B(CBC) and he would make enquiries at Copeland B C.

1024.03 Clerk had had communication exchanges with a resident of East Road about the lack of street lighting in East Rd and Copeland were not being helpful with her request. Clerk had advised resident that Copeland had responded correctly, Cumbria CC would put up a new light, but only if a third party paid for the installation and would guarantee to pay for its running costs and maintenance. He had advised that a new light 3 years ago was approx £2700. The resident had acknowledged his response, but wondered who was paying for the electricity used. Clerk advised that ENW charged Copeland and Cumbria on a monthly basis for actual electricity used, so if a unit failed or was removed then no charge incurred.

1024.04 Clerk had circulated the recent email Regulating Geographical Disposal sites and conditions.

1024.05 Clerk had circulated all other relevant material to Cllrs electronically and one from Sovereign Play Group specifically to Cllrs M O, K T and L T-H, about play area equipment.



Page 224 (3 of 4) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………20th Jan’ 2021



1025.00 Payments for approval

IntPay 190 M Milner, clerk, £349.92, salary £289.08, expenses £60.84.

IntPay 191 HMRC clerk’s PAYE £52.60p.

IntPay 192 Printpoint, £128.00, Dec/Christmas Lowca Lowdown.

All approved


1026.00 Date and time of next meeting Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 7.30pm


Meeting closed at 8.31pm


Page 225 (4 of 4) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………20th Jan’ 2021