Meeting February 2021

Lowca Parish Council September parish council meeting

will commence 7.30pm Wednesday 17th February 2021

using Zoom video conferencing.

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Lowca Parish Council, as detailed above.

  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of interest
  3. To approve and accept the minutes of the last Lowca parish council meeting held on Wednesday 20th January 2021, as a true record.
  4. Public participation, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update
  5. Police Matters
  6. Applications for development
  7. Matters concerning District and County Councillors
  8. Lowca Village Hall Management Committee report.
  9. Public access and safety over Sustrans track during greenhouse build.
  10. Lowca Lowdown March content.
  11. Face to face meetings, Annual parish meeting and council AGM meeting.
  12. Progress report, clerk
  13. Lowca parish councillor reports
  14. Correspondence
  15. Payments for approval
  16. Date and time of the next meeting Wednesday 17th Mar’ 2021, 7.30pm


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Lowca Parish Council

11th February 2021


PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. Current government legislation permits parish council meetings to be held by video conferencing until appropriate public gatherings are once again allowed. If a member of the public wishes to attend and participate at this meeting, then please CONTACT THE CLERK BY EMAIL AT LEAST 4 HOURS PRIOR TO THE MEETING TIME FOR DETAILS OF PROCEDURE AND MEETING LINK AND PASSWORD. Thank you for your understanding under current circumstances.



Minutes of the parish council meeting held on Wednesday 17th Feb’ 2021

Using the Zoom virtual platform

Video link Meeting opened: – The chairman declared the meeting open at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs Miss M Oliver (chair LPC), Mrs R Barwise, D Wrench, H Thinnesen,             Miss K Thinnesen, Miss L Tumelty-Harris.

Copeland Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: Cllr Dave Banks (CBC)

Clerk: Mike Milner

Members of the public, none via video link. (2 very well-behaved youngster with L T-H)

1044.00 Apologises for Absence. Cllr Mrs A Oliver (LPC).

1045.00 Declaration of interest. None

1046.00 To approve and accept the minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 20th January 2021, as a true record.

1046.01 minutes approved as true record, clerk to sign as virtual meeting.

1047.00 Public Participation.

1047.01 no reports from last meeting and again no members of the public at this virtual meeting.

1048.00 Police Matters.

1048.01 Clerk had circulated the e-newsletters circulated by Cumbria Police.

1049.00 Applications for Development. None.

1050.00 County and District Councillors Reports

1050.01 Cllr D B updated the council on the rocks falling on the pedestrian wagon track between Parton and Whitehaven. Copeland engineers had surveyed the problem and were considering the installation of heavy-duty steel meshing to resolve the issue, a similar system as that used on the “Alphabet Steps” on the same route.

Chair thanked Cllr D B for his report and invited him to stay, which was accepted.

1051.00 Village Hall Management Committee report.

1051.01 Cllr H T, reported that following a Zoom meeting last night the management committee had authorised a local firm to carry out the ground work repairs. The cost was in excess of £11k, but the management committee had more than sufficient funds to pay for the repair.

1052.00 Public access and safety over Sustrans track during greenhouse build. 

1052.01 Members of the public had raised issues about public safety on the Sustrans route 72 at the point it crosses the old and new greenhouse development. Clerk had advised Copeland planning of the concerns. Cllr D B advised that the HSE at Bootle should be advised. Clerk to make representations to HSE.                             


Page 230 (1 of 3) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………17th Mar’ 2021

1053.00 Lowca Lowdown March content.

1053.01 Clerk advised he had received 3 items from Cllr K T, that he would acknowledge the source of the Lowca Xmas tree. Clerk to contact the school head for any school news.       Cllr R B will provide short church update. Needs an item about Millennium Garden history, clerk has copy of Cllr A O’s Millennium sheet which was circulated to every household 20 years ago.

1054.00 Face to Face meetings, Annual Parish meeting and council AGM meeting.

1054.01 Clerk had circulated the latest details of physical meetings possibly being recommenced from 7th May 2021, it was dependant on a future directive from government, but currently the ability to hold virtual meetings ceases after 6th May.

1054.02 Cllr H T advised that the hall had appropriate hand sanitising stations set up and obviously in the hall a 2mtr social distancing for parish council meetings could be maintained. Chair advised that council would continue with virtual meetings until position was clarified. Clerk advised a village parish meeting was probably not possible, but the parish council AGM would be incorporated in the May meeting. Virtual or physical.

1055.00 Progress reports, clerk

1055.01 Clerk had spoken to Home Group area manager about Criffel Road in Parton, they were investigating the services under the proposed large area earmarked for community parking.

1055.02 Clerk was pleased to announce that street lights 2 and 3 at the top of Lowca were now fully functioning.

1055.03 minute 1041.02 refers, the various agencies had met to resolve the Meadow View dog mess issue. It never was a parish council matter, but he had pursued the issue with Copeland Environmental Health Officer and was now satisfied it had been dealt with and matter closed at parish council level.

1055.04 Clerk had investigated the wall and pathway from St Bridget’s Church up to A595. The Cumbria Countryside team had confirmed that their records showed it was a path created at the request of Parton Parish and part of the arrangement with the landowner was that Parton would be responsible for the wall and pathway maintenance. That information passed to Parton’s clerk and again Lowca clerk considered the matter closed.

1055.05 Damage to the Millennium Garden had happened as youngster had attempted to create a BMX track, matter to be raised by Cllr R B in councillors reports.

1056.00 Lowca parish Councillors reports.

1056.01 following on from 1055.05 Cllr R B advised that she, her husband and Cllr D W had made good damage done to the Millennium Garden by youngster who had created a BMX track. Clerk shared pictures via the Zoom system indicating some of the damage and holes cut in boundary fence. The issue had been raised by councillors on the community website, clerk to obtain a copy of the document sent to every Lowca property in 2000 highlighting the Millennium Garden project.

1056.02 Clerk to photograph all fencing and compile a report to circulate, to cover a possible repair of the fencing and installation of a gateway where there is currently a large access on to Solway Rd.

1056.03 Cllr D W raised the issue of a van jacked up on Copeland land by Solway Rd, concerned about safety. Clerk advised Cllr D W check with the DVLA website, is van taxed, or subject to SORN, continued,

Page 231 (2 of 3) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………17th Mar’ 2021

1056.03 continued, this is a matter for Copeland or the police not a parish council matter.

1056.04 Cllr R B raised the issue of East Road lighting and the missing lamp post. Clerk has already dealt with the issue directly with the lady in East Road. Street lighting is not required by government legislation and not an issue parish council should pursue. If the parish council were to put up one light or reinstate a light deemed beyond repair, at a current cost of £3k per post and light plus then ongoing annual electricity cost, it could potentially open the door for residents to request lights in various areas they perceived one necessary. An unmanageable financial commitment.

1056.05 Chair reported that a resident, who is a motorcyclist, had raised concerns about the stones around the speed humps, the obvious explanation was the recent heavy rain-washing material from the unadopted Stamford Hill. Area now stone free.

1056.06 Chair also pointed out that the Lowca community group on social media was being well supported and informative.

1056.07 All councillors raised concerns about fly-tipping at the top lay-by at entrance to the proposed holiday village. Clerk to ask Copeland Street Clean for a warning sign about fly tipping.

1057.00 Correspondence.

1057.01 Clerk had received a request for a Tree Preservation Order on the trees running from the main road by speed humps along the Lowca Beck, embracing what is locally known as Bluebell Woods, past Eden Gardens, Howgate Lonning to the Wardles Lonning. Clerk had circulated a Google map indicating the area involved. Councillors confirmed that clerk summit an application to Copeland Planning department for TPO.

1057.02 Clerk had received details of problems at East Croft. He had forwarded the information to Copeland Environmental Health and enforcement team, but he reminded councillors that neighbours disputes and concerns about environmental issues are not a parish council issue, please advise residents to contact Copeland directly.

1058.00 Payments for approval

IntPay 196 M Milner, clerk, £317.09, salary £290.12, expenses £26.97.

IntPay 197 HMRC clerk’s PAYE £52.80p.

All approved

1059.00 Date and time of next meeting Wednesday 17th March 2021 at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 8.27pm

Page 232 (3 of 3) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………17th Mar’ 2021