Meeting January Agenda

Lowca Parish Council September parish council meeting

will commence 7.30pm Wednesday 20th January 2021

using Zoom video conferencing.

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Lowca Parish Council, as detailed above.

  1. Apologies
  2. Declaration of interest
  3. To approve and accept the minutes of the last Lowca parish council meeting held on Wednesday 16th December 2020, as a true record.
  4. Public participation, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update

5.  Police Matters

6.  Matters concerning District and County Councillors

7.  Lowca Village Hall Management Committee report.

8.  Grounds Maintenance contract for 2021

     9.  Lowca Christmas Tree display report

    10. Receive 9 months parish accounts to 31st Dec’ 2019. (Enclosed for Cllrs)

    11. Lowca Lowdown Feedback.

    12. Progress report, clerk

    13. Lowca parish councillor reports

    14. Correspondence

    15. Payments for approval

    16. Date and time of the next meeting Wednesday 16th Feb’ 2021, 7.30pm


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Lowca Parish Council 14th January 2021


PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. Current government legislation permits parish council meetings to be held by video conferencing until appropriate public gatherings are once again allowed. If a member of the public wishes to attend and participate at this meeting, then please CONTACT THE CLERK BY EMAIL AT LEAST 4 HOURS PRIOR TO THE MEETING TIME FOR DETAILS OF PROCEDURE AND MEETING LINK AND PASSWORD. Thank you for your understanding under current circumstances.



Minutes of the parish council meeting held on Wednesday 20th Jan’ 2021

Using the Zoom virtual platform

Video link Meeting opened: – The chairman declared the meeting open at 7.47pm There had been connection problems at 7.30pm, but all resolved.

Present: Cllrs Miss M Oliver (chair LPC), Mrs R Barwise, D Wrench, H Thinnesen, Miss K Thinnesen.


Copeland Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: Cllr Dave Banks (CBC)

Clerk: Mike Milner

Members of the public, none via video link.

1027.00 Apologises for Absence. Cllr L Tumelty-Harris (LPC), Cllr Mrs A Oliver (LPC),                   Cllr J Bowman(CBC).

1028.00 Declaration of interest. None

1029.00 To approve and accept the minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 16th December 2020, as a true record.

1029.01 minutes approved as true record, clerk to sign as virtual meeting.

1030.00 Public Participation.

1030.01 no reports from last meeting and again no members of the public at this virtual meeting.

1031.00 Police Matters.

1031.01 Clerk had circulated the e-newsletters circulated by Cumbria Police as agreed.

1032.00 County and District Councillors Reports

1032.01 The only Cllr present D B (CBC) advised that there was nothing he had to report other than the old Wagon route from Parton to Whitehaven, which is a favourite walk by Parton and Lowca residents had a problem with a broken stainless steel rock retaining net being damaged. Rocks were occasionally falling on to the route, but engineers were looking at the problem and solutions.

Chair thanked Cllr D B for his attendance and invited him to remain, which he accepted.

1033.00 Applications for Development. None


1034.00 Village Hall Management Committee report.

1034.01 Cllr H T advised that the committee had applied for two grants towards the village hall floor repair in the snooker room area. They had been successful with one from Robin Rig totalling £3400 and they were expecting other grants in the near future so the repairs could be undertaken.


1035.00 Grounds Maintenance contract for 2021.

1035.01 Clerk advised that Copeland had provided a quote for the coming year 1.8% greater than 2020 totalling £605.39 ex Vat. Cllrs unanimously approved acceptance.


Page 226 (1 of 4) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………16th Feb’ 2021

1036.00 Lowca Christmas tree display report.

1036.01 Clerk advised that he had written a thank you letter to Vivian Kelly and her team at the Spar Pelican Service Station situated on Loop Road North at Whitehaven for their donation of a Christmas tree which was on display by the bus stop on East Road over the Christmas period.

1036.02 The chair thanked Cllr H T for his time and input providing the safety fence around the tree. Also, thanked the anonymous member(s) of the public who provided the large bunch of holly and also the small figures and plaques around the outside safety fence. She also asked that in the next Lowdown could all members of the community, young and old alike be thanked for their use and consideration of all the community property.

1036.03 Cllr R B asked if it would be possible to have a banner for next year, an annual reusable one, which stated Happy Christmas or words to that effect. Clerk thought he knew of a local company that could probably provide such a banner and he would investigate, but his efforts would be governed by Covid 19 restrictions.


1037.00 Receive 9 months parish accounts to 31st December 2020.

1037.01 Clerk had circulated with the agenda a bank reconciliation and a set of accounts detailing the income and expenditure for the first 9 months. The clerk’s accounts showed a bank balance of £16507.60 which tallied with the figure provided by the HSBC bank.

1037.02 Cllrs resolved to accept the accounts presented.


1038.00 Lowca Lowdown feedback.

1038.01 Cllr K T thought the church had quite a large item in the Lowdown, but nothing about Lowca Christmas present collection or food bank parcel collections. Clerk acknowledged the comment but advised that the church item was written by a Cllr everything else was compiled by him and just being provided with a few details does not allow him to generate an informative balanced article. He invited more councillors’ contributions; he would proof read and do the layout etc. He really would welcome others to contribute.

1038.02 Cllr R B queried about contributions from the school. Clerk advised that the head teacher had regularly supplied school content with pictures, however over the past couple of years this had stopped. Chair to contact the head.


1039.00 Progress reports, clerk

1039.01 As per minute 1019.02 clerk had submitted parish precept request.

1039.02 The ongoing bus route issues and location of bus stop flags at either end of Criffel Rd was being dealt with by Parton clerk as in Parton Parish.

1039.03 as minute 1023.03 clerk had been provided with image of Croft Head View damaged road nameplate and he had reported it to Copeland’s Open Spaces team.

1039.04 as per minute 1023.07 he was hoping to be updated about the damaged dry-stone wall opposite St Bridget’s Church. Cllr R B had spoken to the wall owner who said it was not their responsibility they had provided the land and the wall’s repair was subject to that agreement. Clerk to contact Cumbria Country side access team and take the issue up with them. The pathway had come about due to the Groundwork Trust, but that had long ceased to exist, according to Cllr D B.

1039.05 Clerk raised the issue of posting out agendas and minutes and as postage was going up again would Cllrs consider only electronic circulation. All Cllrs present approved the change.


Page 227 (2 of 4) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………16th Feb’ 2021

1040.00 Lowca parish Councillors reports.

1040.01 Cllr R B raised 3 points for Cllrs, firstly the church is now closed and even funeral services are only burials at the graveside. Secondly, she raised the issue of the road gulley’s at the top of Lowca not dealing with rain fall and large pooling resulting and thirdly directional Rustic Public footpath signs that seem to disappear and barbed wire in the area where you would expect access to be gained.

1040.02 Clerk advised that for the gulley problem, please supply him with an image or two and a screenshot on google maps of the area and he will tackle Highways. As for the public footpath problem, again photo of the initial sign with a location and then he will study the public footpath website and take up the issue Cumbria Countryside Open Access team. He advised that he was aware from other parishes that landowners try to stop access.

1040.03 Cllr H T was concerned that there is a loose drain grid and housing opposite the war memorial at the top of East Croft Terrace. Cllrs thought UU had been seen in the area.

1040.04 Cllr D W had been in touch with Copeland about litter pick handles and caps for residents’ waste recycling bins but Copeland not keen in current Covid situation of providing a supply of either for public to collect from a private address.

1040.05 Chair thanked Cllr D W for his successful endeavours in getting the general small roadside waste and dog waste bins emptied by Copeland.

1040.06 Chair reported large fridge freezer was dumped in the top lay-by, also fly tipping on Lowca beach. Cllrs discussed whether cameras could be installed, but it would be a Copeland issue and decision if the area was considered a tipping hot spot. Also, could there be more anti tipping signage, warning of heavy fines, Cllr D B advised the person to contact was Steve Morgan at Copeland.

1040.07 Social media contained posts about the lack of regular bin collections. Cllr D B advised that 2 of the three refuse lorries were off the road, one due to road accident damage, alternative arrangements being made, however what residents must remember also is the refuse collectors were subject to Covid restrictions and not immune to the virus.

1040.08 Chair raised the issue of lights at the top of Lowca by the school not working. Clerk request lamp numbers and he would get light units replaced.

1040.09 Chair as per minute 1024.02 had been in touch with the gentleman who wants to see the BMX park refurbished. Cllr H T was concerned that he had read in a Copeland document that the BMX area was little used, which he contradicted and said local children were using it on a regular basis. Clerk asked if Cllr H T could provide a copy of the item and he would take up the issue with Copeland and point out the interest in the site being refurbished.


1041.00 Correspondence.

1041.01 Invoice received from Copeland BC for the final annual quarter’s grounds maintenance £178.93p

1041.02 Clerk had been having an email exchange about dog mess and drain problems in Meadow View. He had received photographic evidence and taken up the issue directly with Copeland’s Dog Warden team and also the Environmental team.

1041.03 Clerk had circulated the proposed closure notice for repairs to Clay Flatts Waste Recycling Plant, 22nd Feb to 27th Feb, 5 days inclusive. He would put notice in noticeboard and Cllr K T has already put it on social media.

1041.04 Copeland/Calc 3 tier meeting details 28th Jan circulated.

1041.05 All important other emails circulated.


Page 228 (3 of 4) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………16th Feb’ 2021

1042.00 Payments for approval

IntPay 193 M Milner, clerk, £197.76, salary £182.28, expenses £15.48.

IntPay 194 HMRC clerk’s PAYE £25.80p.

IntPay 195 Copeland Borough Council £178.93, Jan/March grounds maintenance contract.

All approved


1043.00 Date and time of next meeting Wednesday 16th Feb’ 2021 at 7.30pm


Meeting closed at 8.52pm


Page 229 (4 of 4) signed clerk pp chairman……………………………………………16th Feb’ 2021