Meeting July Agenda

The next meeting of Lowca Parish Council  

will commence 7.30pm Wednesday 21st July 2021 at 7.30pm

in Lowca Village Hall.

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Lowca Parish Council, as detailed above.

1.    Apologies

2.    Declarations of Interest

3.    To approve and accept the minutes of the last Lowca parish council meeting held on Wednesday 16th June 2021, as a true record.

4.    To approve and co-opt to the parish council following interview, Stephen Southwell and Stuart McNee, residents of Lowca and appropriately qualified by legislation requirements.

5.    Public participation, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update

6.    Police Matters

7.    Matters concerning District and County Councillors

8.    Application for Development

9.    Receive and approve first quarter parish council accounts 1st April – 30th June 2021.

10. Millennium garden refurbishment and new play ground equipment.

11. Lowca Lowdown material for July, summer edition.

12. Brief explanation on use of new Highways HIAMS reporting system for Highways issues.

13. Progress report, clerk

14. Lowca parish councillor reports.

15. Correspondence.

16. Payments for approval.

17. Date and time of the next meeting Wednesday 15th September 2021, 7.30pm at Lowca Village Hall.


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Lowca Parish Council 15th July 2021




Minutes of the parish council meeting held on Wednesday 21st July 2021 at Lowca Village Hall.

The chair declared the meeting open at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs Miss M Oliver(chair), Mrs R Barwise, D Wrench, S Southwell, S McNee.

Copeland Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: None present.

Clerk: Mike Milner

Members of the public, none

1127.00 Apologises for Absence. Cllr Miss K Thinnesen, H Thinnesen, Mrs A Oliver.          Cllr D Banks (CBC). Resignation L Connor.

1128.00 Declaration of interest. None

1129.00 To approve and accept the minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 16th June 2021, as a true record.

1129.01 minutes approved as true record, and duly signed by chair Cllr M O.

1130.00 To approve and co-opt to the parish council following interview, Stephen Southwell and Stuart McNee, residents of Lowca and appropriately qualified by legislation requirements.

1130.01 The residents to be co-opted had been interviewed by councillors at an earlier date and were duly approved by councillors present and the interview committee and duly co-opted.

1130.02 Both signed their declaration of acceptance of office forms, countersigned by the clerk and were also handed a copy of The Good Councillors Guide for their reference. Clerk advised that once they had attended a few meetings he would enrol them for a Calc new councillors training course, via zoom virtual meeting and welcomed them to the council.

1131.00 Public Participation.

1131.01 no reports from last meeting and no members of the public meeting present.

1132.00 Police Matters.

1132.01 Clerk had circulated the e-newsletters issued by Cumbria Police, no other reports.

1133.00 Applications for Development. None.


1134.00 Receive and approve first quarter parish accounts 1st April – 30th June 2021.

1134.01 Clerk had circulated to councillors prior to the meeting the bank rec’ for the period, the purchase ledger, income ledger and the account’s showed a current bank balance of £21115.30p at the end of the quarter.

1134.02, there were no issues or questions the accounts were approved and Cllr R B signed the bank statement to confirm the ledger balance agreed with the bank balance figure.

Page 248 (1 of 4) signed chairman……………………………………………………..15th Sept’ 2021

1135.00 Millennium Garden refurbishment and new playground equipment.

1135.01 Chair advised that she was still investigating contractors and the precise specification for the Millennium Garden boundary fences, including the work in the existing garden to repair the items that have now been there for 20 years.

1135.02 Clerk was able to show to the councillors the quote for one piece of equipment that HAGS play area equipment supplier had to Cllr K H, the equipment was in excess of £6k excluding VAT and did not include removal of the current equipment.

1135.03 Chair advised alternative play equipment supplier quotes required and she would continue with refurbishment project, but covid restrictions and general builders’ supplies being in short supply, prices were not representative of more normal times.

1136.00 Lowca Lowdown material for July, Summer edition.

1136.01 Clerk and councillors ran through a list of items for the Lowdown, the rugby league club defibrillator, repair to interactive board, chair to confirm approval of new refurbished bar at rugby club, the concerns of traffic and its possible collision with the wild life in the back lanes, chair to contact school head about Proficiency Cycle tests by children, plus     Cllr R B to clarify a cycling club initiative in the area. Clerk to update on path to A595 from St Bridget’s church. Confirm availability of waste bin plastic caps, locations and times available. Cllr R B just awaiting church report approval.

1137.00 Brief explanation on use of new Highways HIAMS reporting system for Highways issues.

1137.01 Prior to the meeting the clerk had circulated the information to all councillors including the two new co-opted members, which outlined the new system and how it operated. Clerk advised all councillors advised councillors were free to use the system, reminded them that photographs of the problem could be uploaded on to the system and helped locate and evidence the issue. His only request was that if councillors used the system, when they received the acknowledgement too please forward a copy to the clerk, to enable clerk to know where problems were and what had been flagged up to Highways.

1137.02 Cllrs could of course send images and reports to the clerk and he would use the system on the parish council’s behalf.

1138.00 Progress reports, clerk

1138.01 as per minute 1122.01, the Allerdale section of the High Lowca road is still awaiting its drains being cleaned.

1138.02 As 1122.02, the lone cone is still on the drain by the large car park, turning area on High Lowca road, still awaiting Highway’s attention.

1138.03 clerk still awaiting confirmation from Open Spaces manager about the adoption of the wall and verge for wild flower meadow, by speed humps at entrance to Lowca from A595. Councillors discussed the pathway from A595 to St Bridget’s as clerk had finally got it cut. It is an important pathway for Lowca and Parton residents and perhaps the two parish councils should take a joint view as they do over the footbridge across the beck. Clerk to discuss with Parton clerk.

1138.04 Clerk reported that the wall at the start of the above pathway had now been knocked down. Councillors again discussed the wall and its repair. Clerk to again contact Parton clerk about the issue, but St Bridget’s have some wall work so perhaps a joint project could be created for a contractor.

Page 249 (2 of 4) signed chairman……………………………………………………..15th Sept’ 2021

1138.05 Clerk reported that 1123.01 by the time he got to photograph the problem after the last meeting, the pathway had been cut and cleared, no obstructions issues.

1139.00 Lowca parish Councillors reports.

1139.01 Cllr D W advised that he had obtained 100 waste container dust caps and he would put a supply at the end of his driveway at 7 Croft Head View, but they would also be available at the church on a Friday between 10am – noon and also on a Sunday morning up to 10.45 prior to the church service in the church entrance hall.

1139.02 Cllr R B had, like the clerk, received correspondence about wild flowers on the large playing field. They certainly did look spectacular, but none were rare and the playing field has historically been a playing field for the local children. It was not a wild meadow area and the fact that they were reappearing annually confirmed that they were actually seeding and growing.

1139.03 Cllr R B enquired about installing goal posts for the children, clerk to contact Copeland about that.

1139.04 Cllr R B also brought to the council’s attention a letter that was in circulation in Lowca encouraging the recipient to download and install an app called Nextdoor. Councillors were concerned about the authenticity of the app and the manner letter was distributed. Clerk to investigate, report back to Cllrs and if needs be mention in next Lowdown. Cllr S M to ask his postman about how it was distributed.

1139.05 Cllr R B asked the clerk to again request Open Spaces to cut the over grown bush on Millennium Garden pathway.

1139.06 Chair to have a meeting with Highways engineer to resolve the Lowca sign by the speed humps. Cllr S S confirmed in the bad snow of 1996 the welcome to Lowca sign was used in a photograph to signify the depth of the snow at the bottom of Lowca.

1139.07 Chair has been asked about allotments. There have been indications via the community website of people interested in an allotment. Clerk advised that it is a parish council responsibility, he would mention in the next Lowdown and see what response that brought.

1139.08 There is an issue with a hole in a bridge on the Sustrans track bridge below the nursery glass houses. Cllr S S would go and photograph the bridge and the damaged area and forward to the clerk. He would contact Sustrans and Cumbria Countryside Access team to establish who is responsible for the repair.

1140.00 Correspondence.

1140.01 Clerk had received notification from Data Protection Registry that the council’s annual registration was due 15th July 2021. Cost as normal £40 and clerk had paid it, he displayed the new certificate and he was reclaiming the cost in his expenses.

1140.02 Clerk had received an email of resignation from Cllr Lola O’Connor, which he had acknowledged receipt of and thanked her for her contribution during her time in office.

1140.03 Clerk had received the draft minutes from Calc Copeland meeting held on 20 May 2021 which he had attended on council’s behalf.

1140.04 clerk had received numerous emails about the lifting of Covid 19 restrictions, circulated where appropriate.

Page 250 (3 of 4) signed chairman……………………………………………………..15th Sept’

1140.05 with reference to 1139.02 he had received the email about the wild flowers on playing field, but Cllrs R B’s comments apply and he would continue to chase for the wall and verge by the speed humps as a wild meadow area.

1140.06 clerk had received numerous emails about the pathway between St Bridget’s and the A595, issue covered 1138.03 at length by Cllrs.

1140.07 Clerk had received a quote from HAGS from Cllr K T and shown Cllrs earlier in meeting. £6046.00.

1140.08 Copeland B C have sent their quarterly grounds maintenance invoice, £181.62 inc VAT.

1141.00 Payments for approval

IntPay 210 M Milner, clerk, £247.94, salary £178.84, expenses £69.10.

IntPay 211 HMRC clerk’s PAYE £25.00p.

IntPay 212 Copeland BC, £181.62, grounds maintenance July – September 2021

All approved

1142.00 Date and time of next meeting Wednesday 15th September, 7.30pm in Lowca Village Hall.


Meeting closed 8.49pm

Page 251 (4 of 4) signed chairman……………………………………………………..15th Sept’ 2021