Meeting May Agenda

Lowca Parish Council Annual General Meeting

followed by the May parish council meeting

will commence at 7.30pm Wednesday 19th May 2021

in Lowca village hall, subject to Covid restriction see below.

Dear Parish Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the next meeting of Lowca Parish Council, as detailed above.

1.    Apologies

2.    To appoint a chairman and vice chairman for the coming year

3.    Declaration of interest

4.    To approve and accept the minutes of the last Lowca parish council meeting held on Wednesday 17th March 2021, as a true record.

5.    Public participation, 15 minutes allowed including clerks update

6.    Police Matters

7     Matters concerning District and County Councillors

8     Application for Developments.

9.    Receive and approve the parish accounts for the financial year 2020/21. Internal auditors report, Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement for the year, all to be resolved. Bank reconciliation and variance report. Draft documents distributed by email.

10. Millennium Garden refurbishment

11. Progress report, clerk

12. Lowca parish councillor reports.

13. Correspondence.

14. Payments for approval.

15. Date and time of the next meeting Wednesday 16th June 2021, 7.30pm


Mike Milner

Mike Milner, Clerk and RFO to Lowca Parish Council 13th May 2021


Please note this meeting is being held in Lowca Village Hall and the clerk will ensure that councillors and members of the public attending are seated in such a manner as to comply with Covid meeting criteria, MASKS WORN and socially distanced. Can councillors please bring their own pen and paper for personal use plus print off documents they may need for reference, clerk will not distribute any material.          Thank You.



Minutes of the parish council meeting held on Wednesday 19th May 2021

Which commenced with parish council AGM at 7.30pm

For historical record, this was the first meeting held face to face after the Covid pandemic lockdown in the Lowca Village Hall with councillors socially distanced and well-ventilated hall, thankfully summer not winter.

The chair declared the meeting open at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs Miss M Oliver(chair), H Thinnesen, Mrs R Barwise, Miss K Thinnesen.

D Wrench, Mrs A Oliver.

Copeland Borough and Cumbria County Councillors: None present

Clerk: Mike Milner

Members of the public, none

1096.00 Apologises for Absence. Cllr L Tumelty-Harris (LPC)

1097.00 To appoint a chairman and a vice-chairman for the coming year.

1097.01 Clerk confirmed that Cllr M O was prepared to stand again as chair. Cllr H T proposed Cllr M O and was seconded by Cllr K T, no other nominations, Cllr M O returned as chair.

1097.02 Clerk advised that there was no current vice chair, and there were no proposals offered therefore the parish council will continue with no elected vice chair.

1098.00 Declaration of interest. None

1099.00 To approve and accept the minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 21st April 2021, as a true record.

1099.01 minutes approved as true record, and duly signed by chair Cllr M O.

1100.00 Public Participation.

1100.01 no reports from last meeting and no members of the public at this meeting.

1101.00 Police Matters.

1101.01 Clerk had circulated the e-newsletters issued by Cumbria Police.

1102.00 County and District Councillors Reports, none present.

1103.00 Applications for Development.

1103.01 clerk confirmed no applications for development, however he had on 25th March 2021 written to Copeland Planning requesting a TPO as he had advised at the April meeting. Since the last meeting he had emailed Nick Hayhurst the planning officer about the TPO  application and been advised that a trained arboriculturist had to be requested to investigate the validity of the request and this would take some time.

Page 240 (1 of 4) signed chairman……………………………………………………..16th June 2021

1104.00 Receive and approve the parish accounts for the financial year 2020/21. Internal auditors report, Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement for the year, all to be resolved. Bank reconciliation and variance report. Draft documents distributed by email.

1104.01 Certificate of Exemption, AGAR 2020/21 Part 2. This confirms that the parish has neither income nor expenditure exceeding £25k. Cllrs unanimously resolved to accept the certificate

1104.02 clerk had circulated the signed Annual Internal Audit Report. Internal audit had taken place 19/10/20 and 27/04/21. All boxes correctly ticked, and no issues or recommendations raised.

1104.03 Annual Governance Statement. Councillors had read the content of the 9 boxes on the form and at each statement was ticked Yes box with Cllrs approval.

1104.04 Finally the accounting statement, which had been circulated was approved by councillors. Chair and Clerk then signed the documents and clerk confirmed that when he wrote up the draft minutes, he would insert that appropriate minute note references.

1104.05 Clerk confirmed that he would make the appropriate returns to the external government auditor, placing necessary document required for the appropriate periods on the parish council website pages and display in the parish noticeboard as demanded by legislation.

1105.00 Millennium Garden refurbishment update.

1105.01 Chair Cllr M O, explained the current situation, she had already received 2 quotations for the refurbishment, with one still to come. All details to be forwarded to the clerk. Clerk to ensure that when doing the price comparison exercise, all tenderers were quoting for identical works, not additional works not specified in other quotations.

1105.02 Hopefully all quotations could be considered by Cllrs at the June meeting, and      Cllr H T pointed out to Cllrs that material prices were escalating especially timber costs on a near daily basis.

1106.00 Progress reports, clerk

1106.01 the minute 1901.01 refers, High Lowca drains in Allerdale area still awaiting cleaning.

1106.02 the minute 1901.02, the 2 cones over damaged drain still in situ as repair still outstanding.

1106.03 clerk still awaiting Xmas fencing size, minute 1091.06 refers, Cllr H T to advise.

1106.04 the new Lowca village sign minute 1091.08 both clerk and chair have been chasing the sign. Chair to forward latest Highway’s email to clerk. Chair also asked clerk to investigate a missing Parton sign, finger post, at bottom of Lowca, clerk to investigate and photograph on way home that evening.

1106.05 Clerk was still awaiting repairs to the coastal path information boards.

1106.06 clerk explained that he was very much aware of Cllr D W’s generous donation of a camera to watch fly tipping areas, but data protection red tape was causing problems in establishing how and where it could be used. Under whose authority?

1106.07 clerk referenced 1092.02, until he had photographic evidence of the gates and padlocks, he could not start any investigation. Cllr K T to take photos after the meeting and supply.

Page 241 (2 of 4) signed chairman……………………………………………………..16th June 2021

1106.08 clerk had contacted Copeland, 1092.03 refers, and Estates and Projects officer had passed the enquiry to Open Spaces Manager.

1106.09 the proposed gate to stop free access to Lowca Brow, 1092.06, was still being considered by Copeland. Cllr H T advised that the Rugby Club did have a CCTV camera which if the gate was positioned in the club car park, could capture any vehicle that opened and entered the area for fly tipping.

1106.10 Having paid the parish insurance premium, clerk had established premium charge for footbridge between Lowca and Parton, was £212.45 and he had requested £106.22 from Parton clerk who had acknowledged the request.

1106.11 As virtual meetings were no longer allowed by legislation, clerk had cancelled the monthly payment made on 18th of month with immediate affect starting May 2021, made to Zoom.

1106.12 Clerk was in the process of completing an HSBC banking Safeguard report.

1107.00 Lowca parish Councillors reports.

1107.01 Cllr H T advised that the repairs to the village hall floor in the social club area had been completed and the new social club had completed an excellent refurbishment in the room used for Pool and Snooker.

1107.02 Clerk reminded Cllr H T to ensure that starting from this meeting the Village Hall Management Committee should charge the Parish Council £15 per meeting. An Annual invoice would suffice.

1107.03 Cllr R B advised that church services had resumed on a Wednesday, but you had to book a seat under current covid restrictions. Hopefully Sunday services would resume in the not to distant future.

1107.04 Cllr D W confirmed he would, now that covid restrictions were lifting, would collect the elasticated waste box caps and distribute them, chair requested that he ask for some litter picking mechanical sticks for distribution.

1107.05 Chair advised all her issues had been covered, no other reports.

1108.00 Correspondence.

1108.01 clerk had received an email about supposed asbestos and excess of broken glass on the old BMX track the previous Friday. Chair had investigated the asbestos threat; it wasn’t but a builder had removed it. The chair had then with the rugby club organised a group of younger club members and on the Saturday the track and area were cleaned up. There were currently two piles of rubbish awaiting collection. One mattress had been there for some considerable time. Chair requested that in next Lowdown there is a note of acknowledgement so the community was made aware of the volunteers’ excellent contribution.

1108.02 Clerk had advised the originator of the email of the results and efforts of the volunteers, assuring him that the area should be free of the collected rubbish by the end of the week.

1108.03 Clerk had had an exchange of WhatsApp messages about the “pong” from the water treatment works at Parton. As he explained issues resolved, councillors contradicted and said it had returned. Clerk to email UU on his return home and advise that issue had returned.

1108.04 Clerk had received the agenda and Zoom link for Copeland/Calc 3 tier meeting being held Thursday 20th May and he would attend.

Page 242 (3 of 4) signed chairman……………………………………………………..16th June 2021

1108.05 Clerk had received the official notification from Copeland that the precept of £7725.00 had been paid to the parish council, 30th April 2021.

1108.06 Clerk advised that all other relevant documents received by email and relevant to councillors had been circulated.

1109.00 Payments for approval

IntPay 206 M Milner, clerk, £209.72, salary £197.12, expenses £12.60.

IntPay 207 HMRC clerk’s PAYE £29.60p.

All approved

1110.00 Date and time of next meeting Wednesday 16th June, 7.30pm in Lowca Village Hall, subject to Covid restrictions.


Meeting closed 8.21pm

Page 243 (4 of 4) signed chairman……………………………………………………..16th June 2021